Greece: The Best Instagram Spots


Little Venice // Mykonos

This is THE spot in Mykonos to grab a drink. As time slips by, you'll begin admiring the sinking sun as it paints the white washed buildings a beautiful blush and gold ton. There’s a few bars along the water, but spots fill up fast.


Windmills // Mykonos

Mykonos is best known for its quintessential white alleyways and these windmills. Perched on a hill, they can play peek-a-boo while you’re exploring Old Town Mykonos.


White & Blue Homes // Oia, Santorini

If you’ve opened Instagram, you’ve seen a photo this one. And for good reasoning. Santorini is freakin’ beautiful, no, jaw-dropping. Make your way to Oia to get the perfect shot of white and blue homes sprinkled on the cliffs of Santorini.


Atlantis Books // Oia, Santorini

Atlantis books is no secret, located in the heart of Oia, Santorini. BUT there is a secret passage near the back of the bookstore. Take the stairs and it’ll lead you to the secluded rooftop. Probably the only place you’ll be alone in Oia.


Ammoudi Beach // Crete

For one of the best aerial views, trek your way up the rocks for a stunning view of Ammoudi Beach. Scaling the volcanic rock will be a work out, but with these views, it’s worth it for the gram, right?


Vineyard // Mykonos

Greece has many vineyards, but Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm is the best on the island. Make a reservation, grab a glass (or two, or three), and walk among the sprawling rows of grapes.




Sarakíniko // Milos

Smooth grayish white rock rise and fall around the Milos island, making it look like you’re standing on the moon. But when you look below, it’s the bluest blues you’ve ever seen; that’s the Aegean Sea. No jumping required for a beautiful Instagram shot.


Acropolis // Athens

Want that perfect shot of you looking like Athena, Nike or might I say Aphrodite? For the best shots that’ll warm up any instagram page, visit early morning or near sunset.