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Hello! I'm Kaitlyn aka The Wander Scout.


Six years ago, my boyfriend & I were living in Austin. Both with remote jobs, both without offices. We decided to take our rent money & instead use it to travel and live on Airbnb. A few dozen countries later, we're still at it.

I want to take what I've learned from traveling and make travel for you as easy as pie. We slow travel, meaning we live in one city or country for at least a month so we can really absorb the culture and learn what it truly means to live like a local. 

I've been featured on Airbnb & in the top 1% of travelers on TripAdvisor with 70,000+ readers. I'd love to help you next!



Venice, Italy

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Shanghai, China

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Tokyo, Japan

$500s (originally $1,000+)

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